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Recipe of the Week: Coconut Pecan Granola

This vegan granola is filled with nutrient-dense nuts and seeds. Enjoy it over Greek yogurt, sprinkled on chopped peaches, or straight up as a snack in itself. This makes for a perfect on-the-go snack to help you re-energize and fill

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Pull Up: Stall Bars for Your DIY Gym!

Stall bars = pull up + leg raises + bodyweight…etc. by Kelly Everson American author and MA in English literature Editor’s Foreword: From doing pull ups to leg raises, stall bars (or any bar setup) are a great addition to

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7 Expert Fitness & Nutrition Tips to Get Re-Energized

Fitness and nutrition tips from the expert! by Lisa Reed MS, CSCS, is a USA Fitness Champion, IFBB Pro, personal trainer and owner of Lisa Reed Fitness, LLC Editor’s Foreword: Lisa Reed stops by to discuss 7 simple yet effective fitness

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Family Health: 5 Ways to Include Your Family in Exercise

Cardio tips for improved family health by Chelsy Ranard Professional health journalist Editor’s Foreword: The family that exercises together stays healthy together! Here are some great DIY Lifestyle tips for you that will not only help you improve your cardio and family health, but do it

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In the Mix: Alkaline Acid Diet for Health

The alkaline acid diet for improved health by Courtney Violet Bentley NASM personal trainer and Sport Nutrition certified through Precision Nutrition Editor’s Foreword: The alkaline acid diet is really starting to become popular due to the health benefits it can

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