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Recipe of the Week: Garbanzo Beet Patties

There are so many reasons to include beets in your veggie burger rotation. They help lower blood pressure, increase your stamina during your workout, fight inflammation and cancer, boost your immune system, and assist in removing toxins from your body.

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Michael Spitzer Interview: Fitness after 40!

Fitness after 40… and beyond! by Josh Anderson M.S., CPT, and Founder Always Active Athletics Editor’s Foreword: From hormones to fitness as we age, our body definitely changes and we need a different approach to getting fit. As Michael Spitzer explained in Part I

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7 Tips For Healthy-ish Tailgating

Tailgating season is here! by Josh Anderson M.S., PT, and Founder Always Active Athletics As fall approaches, we are starting to break out the sweaters, leaf blowers and polishing up the snow shovels – sounds friggin terrible honestly… For many of

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Improving Movement Accuracy with Barefoot Science

Ditch the shoes? Try these barefoot science tips! by Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM, MS Celebrity Podiatrist, Author and Founder and CEO of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA) Editor’s Foreword: Who doesn’t love a sweet pair of sneakers? Not only are

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Green Summer Soup

This beautiful soup is chock full of antioxidants and skin-loving nutrients to make you glow inside and out. You get your get-up-and-go protein from a dollop of pleasantly tart Greek yogurt added at the last minute. Sip this green summer

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