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9x9x9 Full Body Workout

Give this 9x9x9 full body workout a try! by Ron Achenbach Author, 5th Degree Black Belt, creator of Fusion 360pss and the owner of Karate America De Pere, Inc. Editor’s Foreword: We have another great quick but effective DIY workout that you can do anywhere at anytime. This bodyweight is great for at home, on-the-go or even at the office when you have a few minutes to kill! As usual, push yourself to get in as many reps (with proper form) and get it done quickly at a high

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6 Tips For Creating Your Own Home Gym

The basics for starting your home gym! by Kelly Everson American author and MA in English literature Editor’s Foreword: Thinking about setting up your own private place to exercise? A.k.a. a home gym? Even if you love exercising at the gym, there are some days in which you just can’t make it there and that makes having a home gym the perfect alternative. No, we aren’t talking about a huge room full of equipment either. It can simply be the corner of any room in the house with the proper exercise and equipment! Take a

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Sit All Day? Try These Simple Office Exercises

Office exercises for your shoulders, feet, back & hips by Joel Runyon Founder of Impossible Ventures and creator of the MoveWell App Editor’s Foreword: Sitting day after day in the office can be mentally and physically taxing. We’ve talked about it a few times before here at the DIY Nation but it never hurts to have more stretches and office exercises that you can do to help maintain your posture. Check it out! Related DIY Content: 10 Office Exercises You Can Do To Burn Calories 5 Simple Morning Exercises To Feel Energized All

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Juetta West: Killer Ab Workout

Give this killer ab workout a try! by Juetta West Former NFL cheerleader, model and founder of “Turn It On” Fitness ( Editor’s Foreword: We have another awesome workout from Juetta West that will help blast your core, smoke calories and improve your cardiovascular health! Push yourself during the workout to keep it at a high intensity to blast calories and save time! Check out this DIY ab workout along with the accompanying video below! Related DIY Content: Juetta West: Total Body Workout Stacey Grant: At-Home Workout Expert Workout: Bodyweight Circuit Dempsey Marks: Full Body Workout

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Basil-Ginger Tuna Kebabs

An easy, Asian-seasoned protein (tuna) for the grill and perfect for an afternoon summer cookout! A healthy, easy to make work of nutrition! Make sure to check out to learn the best types of canned and fresh tuna for your health and the environment. Makes 4 servings. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, minced 1 tablespoon canola oil 1 tablespoons Asian sesame oil 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon honey 2 tablespoon fresh basil, chopped ½ teaspoon dried

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Top 5 Kettlebell Exercises

Get fit with these kettlebell exercises! by Ryan Blair Fitness blogger with 12 years of experience Editor’s Foreword: Needing a way to spice up your workout? Ever tried using a kettlebell? Kettlebells make for a great way to live the DIY lifestyle at home with exercises you can do in minutes in almost any room! Try these 5 kettlebell exercises in order to get a full body workout that will build muscle and burn calories!  Related DIY Content: 5 Simple Morning Exercises To Feel Energized All

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How Your Food Affects Your Sleep Quality

Nutrition messes up your sleep quality? by Janet Miller A healthy living specialist Editor’s Foreword: When was the last time you got a solid night of sleep (8 hours+)? Anytime we can get more sleep usually equates to being healthier overall – which is what we want in the DIY Nation, right?  What if your lack of sleep is related to what you eat? Use these nutrition tips below to help you remedy that situation – we can all use more shut-eye!  Related DIY Content: More Sleep Please Why a Good Night’s Sleep

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