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Alexis DeJoria: Staying fit at 300+ miles per hour!

Life in the active, fast lane! by: Allison McCormick Foreword: I’m always so interested to see how athletes and celebrities who are constantly on-the-go stay active and healthy. There is a difference between “skinny fat” and actually staying active and exercising in order to remain healthy while constantly traveling. That’s why I was pumped to hear how Alexis DeJoria stays fit and eats healthy while traveling from race track to race track… oh yeah… while driving a 10,000 horsepower behemoth! Find out more below!

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Simple Steps to Having Beautiful Legs

Tips for beautiful legs by: Bob Gorman Freelance writer and a passionate blogger Foreword: Ladies, many of you are worried about having beautiful, strong legs. This featured author breaks down some simple ways to achieving beautiful legs! Start implementing some of these simple tips today and see how they help you – DIY Style!

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QualiProducts Foam Roller – DIY Massage?

Help your sore muscles with a quality foam roller! What’s that old mantra – “Go hard or go home”? Well when living the DIY Lifestyle we commonly push ourselves to the max – it’s all about that EPOC effect. Anyways, when you do this you can sometimes end up with some pretty killer soreness and aches. It goes hand-in-hand. I recently got my hands on a QualiProducts foam roller that can really crush this soreness. It’s all about massaging away the aches and pains, basically through myofascial release. We put it to the test and here’s what we think!

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Recipe of the Week: Mango Coconut Energy Bars

You can use some of your favorite dried fruits and nuts when you make your own energy bars. These bars nourish you with protein, healthy fats, and a good dose of fiber. Give these awesome energy bars a try this week to battle the mid-afternoon office crash! Makes 6 Mango Coconut Energy Bars. Ingredients: ¼ cup dried mango, soaked in warm water 5 minutes ¼ cup dates (such as Medjool), pitted ½ cup raw cashews ½ cup raw almonds 3 tablespoons unsweetened, shredded coconut

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Food Journaling and Improved Athletic Performance

Food journal your way to health! by Erich Wegscheider Professional Triathlete turned Ultra-Runner, Endurance Cyclist, and Alpinist Foreword: Logging what you eat in a food journal is a massively beneficial tool to have at your disposal. In fact, we recommend everyone should keep one for at least a week so they can become conscious of what/when they are eating! Got to know what’s wrong before you can fix something, right? This expert post breaks down some great advice for food journaling!

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